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Carta pokémon tarjeta de batalla del juego de mesa-100 piezascaja

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Grupo de edad6-10 años
Piezas pequeñasNo
Condicion del productoNuevo
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100Pcs Card Set, Cartoon
Playing Cards Including 20GX+80EX, Perfect Gift for Boys and Girls

CARDS: All the cards in the card set are high quality
flashing cards, which will shine when kids play trading cards or have
team games. More beautiful than others and which gives children more fun!
PERFECT GIFT: They are simulated cards perfect as gifts for kids. Cartoon
Playing Cards is in great demand right now. Normally, a deck of ten cards costs five
euros and there is not always a spark that children like best.
GOOD FOR SMALL KIDS: The edges of the paper are shiny and won't hurt your
Playing Cardstrading cards are made of plastic, which can be conveniently
cleaned and disinfected, especially in these times. It is a convenient toy for
not leaving the house.
EASY TO PLAY: It is 100 pieces of  from the whole series with
exorbitant attacks it is easy for children to create a deck that sends friends
in rout. They contain different types of cards to suit your needs. Excellent for
beginners and amateurs.
PACKAGE CONTENTS: You can get various cards, the attack power is
very high, and it can play an important role in combat. The quality of the paper
is very good and tasteless. It is a nice gift for game lovers.

Material: coated paper
Applicable occasions: game battle
Quantity: as shown