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Manga Finder - Deluxe Edition 07 - Longing For You (En Inglés) - USA

Condicion del productoNuevo
Género literarioHistorietas y cómics
Público recomendadoTodas las edades
Tipo de libroLibro visual
AutorSegún descripción del producto
EditorialSublime USA
Información adicional
Idioma: Inglés Editorial: Sublime Formato: Tapa blanda, 12.7cm x 18cm Género: Manga - Boys' Love - Acción - Drama Autor: Ayano Yamane Edad de lectura: 18 años y más.  Pain and pleasure collide when a sophisticated underworld boss crosses paths with a naive photographer hell-bent on bringing him down!Photographer Akihito Takaba takes on a risky assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld. When he captures its leader—the handsome, enigmatic Ryuichi Asami—in the crosshairs of his viewfinder, Takaba’s world is changed forever.Asami prepares to face off against his greatest enemy yet! Worried for Akihito’s safety, he tells him to wait somewhere safe. But sitting idly by has never been Akihito’s thing, so he insists on staying by Asami’s side. The two know that when the big showdown begins, there will be no turning back. Will they prevail once again, or has their luck finally run out? Manga conocido como: Finder, You're My Loveprize